MAYELA 12 Hanging Spice Rack - Magnetic Containers For RV Wall Mount With Screw Adhere To Refrigerator Grill or Metal Surface Store Spices, Herb Seasoning Includes 250 Spice Labels Chalkboard Stickers

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  • ✔️SUPER STRONG MAGNETS - Spice Magnetic Jar Containers features magnetic backing with super strong magnets. Will stick to any metal surface such as a grill and refrigerator. Stays securely in place. Give your RV or the back of your kitchen pantry door a new look. Made of premium quality BPA-free transparent lids preserves freshness. Easy twist, sprinkle, pour and close operation. Clear top herb jars with sift pour technology. Large Tins Magnet Place On Fridge Rack Or Kitchen Wall


  • ✔️PERFECT SPACE SAVERS FOR RVs & TINY HOMES - Each tin can be conveniently put in place next to each other forming a mosaic appearance making your RV and tiny home kitchen look more organized and fabulous. Each tin measures 2.5 inches wide and 2 inches high and able to hold up to 4 oz of spice. The see through transparent lid makes it easier to spot your favorite spice from a distance when you need it.


  • ✔️INSIDE PANTRY DOOR AND RV DECORATIONS - 250Pcs of Spice Label Stickers included to label spice containers. Organize and decorate your spices with 120 printed spice labels and 64 blank labels. Use the chalk pen to write on the chalk board labels. Then remove the chalkboard label and stick to either your bottle, container or jar. These kitchen labels for canisters are made of premium vinyl and are Waterproof. Perfect gift for a busy cook.


  • ✔️WARNING: Sometimes salt granules get caught between the top and base of spice container making it impossible to turn. But this only happens with salt and salt related spices. When this happens, place spice jar containers upright until you carefully wipe off salt content between the inside of lid and jar container. Don’t place back on the refrigerator because the top might come off throwing expensive spice on the floor making a mess.


  • ✔️ADD A COZY FEELING TO YOUR NEXT CAMPING ADVENTURE - New and first camping accessories with on Amazon with double everything. 12 Magnetic Spice Tins With 2 Wall Plates Base, 8 screws and anchors. Mount on wall or refrigerator of your kitchen or RV. 3 Types Of Spice Label Sets, A chalk marker and an Instruction Manual For Easy Installation. 40 Chalkboard Stickers. 120 Preprinted Labels, 90 white PVC Spice Labels.


"MAYELA 12PCS Spice Organizer For Refrigerator. 12 Storage Spice Jars 3 Types Of Spice Labels
40 Chalkboard Stickers. 120 Preprinted Labels Large Tins Magnet Place On Fridge Rack Or Kitchen Wall!"

1) Hanging spice rack for pantry door are a unique revolutionary way to store spices,
herbs and other seasonings so that you can access them easily without banging around in dark cupboards.

(2) Each tin features a clear transparent lid for quick identification of contents.
Perforations in the rim of the lid allows spices to be dispensed without removing the top.
Has three settings closed, sprinkle, and pour. The round magnet at the base attach to any flat metal, offering quick access to your spices.
A wall base magnet plate is included with screws to attach to your RV or kitchen wall.

(3)Included In Package

12 Spice Storage Containers With Lids, 4oz Capacity weighs 2.6ib
Lids with Pour & Sift Technology
Slip-On Lids
12 Double Sided 3M Adhesive
2 Wall Base Magnet Plate (With screws and anchors Size 9 x 6" weighs 1.1 ib each)
1 Chalk Pen (with Blank Round Chalkboard Spice Labels to write on)
90 PVC Clear Spice Label Set, Size 11" x 8.5"
120 Pre-Printed Spice Labels, Size 8" x 5"
40 Erasable Chalkboard Kitchen Labels, Size 10" x 4"
8 Screws
Instruction manual included
Perfect Gift for a Busy Chef




MAYELA 12 PCS Herb Containers Used For Kitchen Organization And Storage
Features Clear Top Lids Sift Pour Rack Magnetic on Refrigerator and Grill or metal surface include spice labels or chalkboard stickers.!

Perfect Gift for a busy cook. All Round camping spice containers with screws and anchors -
mount on kitchen wall, Magnetic on Refrigerator and Grill Slip-On Lids technology, instruction manual included.

MAYELA 12 Wall Mount Spice Rack With Metal Wall Base Clear Lid Sift & Pour Stainless Steel Storage Containers
Magnetic To Refrigerator