MAYELA Spice Magnetic Containers | Kitchen Storage Organizer For Small Indian Spices Tins Tea & Rack | Adhere To Refrigerator | Stress-Free Organization | Seasoning Box Holder Jar & 250 Sticker Labels

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  • ✔️SPACE SAVERS FOR RVs & TINY HOMES - Here's a great storage solution for busy cooks. It makes it so much easier to cook because you can conveniently grab the right spice to prepare heathy delicious tasty meals. Your favorite spice within reach. Save up more cabinet space for essential foods such as chocolate, coffee, and potato chips. Save time searching in deep, dark pantry looking for spice. Magnetic spice jars are by far the best decision you made this year.
  • ✔️THE LAZY WAY TO SAVE MORE TIME & MONEY, FREE UP MORE PANTRY SPACE AND PREPARE TASTY, HEALTHY MEALS - I have a small kitchen. I was looking for something to free up some space in my pantry. I had been dealing with shelfs in my kitchen for the last 3 years and I hated it. Every time I need to grab a spice, EVERYTHING has to come out, the shelves were cluttered. With these spice containers. I was able to save more that I would have otherwise sacrificed.
  • ✔️PERFECT STORAGE SOLUTION FOR SMALL KITCHENS - unique revolutionary way to store spices, herbs and other seasonings so that you can access then easily without banging around in dark cupboards. Each tin features a clear transparent lid for quick identification of contents. Perforations in the rim of the lid allows spices to be dispensed without removing the top. These magnetic spice tins have a magnetic backing, so they will attach to any flat metal or steel surface such as refrigerators.
  • ✔️INCLUDES PREPRINTED AND BLANK LABELS - Package contains: 6 magnetic Spice Tins, 6 Double Sided 3M Adhesive, 1 Wall Base Magnet Plate, 1 Chalk Pen,90 PVC Clear Spice Label Set, 120 Pre-Printed Spice Labels, 40 Erasable Chalkboard Kitchen Labels, 4 Screws. You can now mount the unit to the kitchen wall using the screws and anchors provided. Magnetic spice rack features magnetic backing that can easily interfere with the proper functioning of your dishwasher resulting in possible damage.
  • ✔️HERE’S A KNOWN SECRET TO BECOMING A HAPPIER MOM - Magnetic spice containers were designed to fit all moms looking for a healthy kitchen to prepare more balanced, heathy, delicious, tasty cooked meals with their favorite spices within reach. This spice organizer solution is responsible for more happier moms in more efficient kitchens - This was a core benefit of this product, as people who use small spice jars didn’t only save money but free up more space in their kitchen.